Cooper Sanctuary
Cooper Sanctuary

Garage & Shop Description

            Built in 1993, every effort was made to maintain the integrity of the original house.  The house must remain the dominant feature so the garage is not as large in appearance as many of today’s  “toy bins.”  It is not small however, and it is delightful to be able to put three reasonable size vehicles in it and have all vehicle doors open simultaneously.  It is quite easy to place a “stored” vehicle between bays 2 & 3 with reasonable access to all vehicles.

            As is the house, siding is #1 clear, smooth, western red cedar with Sikkins Cetol.  The roof uses 320# “architectural shingles” similar to those on the house.  All windows including three skylights are Andersen, passage doors are Pease.  Overhead doors are Raynor, with the big door using commercial hardware for extended life of this very heavy door.  Insulation is fiberglass batts in sidewalls and ceiling.  An integral drain system below the floor includes drains in each stall area and leads to perforated pipe in a large drain field.  Gutters and downspouts enter a separate underground drainage system.

            A central vacuum system offers receptacles in both shop areas as well as for each garage bay.  Outdoor lighting connects to the  “midnight sun” system as described in the convenience section. 

            Refer to the floor plan of this building for more details. Total area is 1292 Sq.Ft.

Garage / Shop Floor Plan - Click to Enlarge
Garage / Shop Floor Plan (Enlarge)


  • ELECTRICAL:  A separate underground entrance, on its own meter, fed directly from the property transformer.  Adequate individual 110, 110GFI and 220 outlets are provided throughout the building. 
  • COMMUNICATION:  Telephone lines return underground to the house, as do alarm circuits. 
  • WATER:  A never connected water supply line returns underground to the house. 
  • GAS: Underground from the house tank. 
  • HEAT:  A high efficiency gas fired forced air system is ducted for both areas of the shop, and the garage.  If you prefer, a Vermont Castings woodstove will keep the shop very toasty on the worst of days.  Wall fans exchange air with the garage area offering a good balance in temperature throughout the entire building. It is a great shop in which to spend cold winter days working.  It is also quite delightful for summer work, as the sun never sees this building. With only common sense logic, the shop will never warm much above 70 degrees by the end of summer….cool!

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House, Garage, Shop on 25 acres of land, near Kalamazoo, MI
Garage/Shop, three generous stalls and a large shop with both interior and exterior access. More photos...
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