Cooper Sanctuary
Cooper Sanctuary

Land Description

Technically a climax forest, the original fifteen acres was purchased in 1973.  This was a farmer’s woodlot, being the south boundary of his property, and unsuitable for farming   due to an 80’ elevation change.  The trees are typically sugar maple, cherry, and beech, in order of population.

            After many attempts, the “south ten” acres were acquired in 1990.  This property shares topography and species, being the north property line of the adjoining farm, where it was also a woodlot.  Sugar maples in excess of 120 years old are easy to spot, purple beech with crowns of 80’ are obvious,  and the twin tulips in the front yard exceed 110 feet tall.

            There are three “ponds,” which is a generous term with today’s water tables.  Nevertheless, most springs, ducks arrive on the pond(s) and the frogs can be called extremely loud; there is abundant wildlife.  Warm weather vegetation prohibits vision past the immediate opening for the home. Winter views from the living room frequently indicate deer at the pond, skating, playing around, or getting a drink.  Hunting has not been allowed, although cross-country skiers occasionally enjoy the north end of the property.

View of Property looking Southwest. Property Line and House Location indicated.

            There is no “overhead” right-of–way granted to any utility across the property at the road, and similarly, all utilities brought from the road to the house are underground.   The property surveyed at 1328’ deep with 822’ frontage.  From the very rural but convenient county gravel road when we purchased the property, the neighborhood has changed over the years.  The road is now paved and there are guardrails to protect the public from beech trees, which may, at any moment, jump up out of the valley and grab an unsuspecting motorist. Population density has increased, but most residential lots in the area are 5-10 acres, with a few 45-90 acre tracts of highly protected wilderness, and this woods remains as it was. 

            The property is located conveniently to all of the Kalamazoo area. 

  • 4 miles to downtown Plainwell.
  • 4 miles to US-131, exit 43.
  • 8 miles to downtown Kalamazoo, Water Street Coffee Joint.
  • 10 miles to Western Michigan University.
  • 13 miles to Stryker, Sprinkle Rd.
  • 13 miles to Parker-Flowserve area.
  • 13 miles to Midlink Park.


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House, Garage, Shop on 25 acres of land, near Kalamazoo, MI
View of property looking southwest. Property line and house location indicated. 
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Overhead shot.  
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